The War

Bello Realm, which had only ever known peace, had become a place of conflict. Dark Rhule and his followers launched attacks from Fortress Rhune on any Augmentors who dared to defy them. The once virtuous and honorable explorers were no longer the same – they had been warped by their thirst for power and survival. The vow of corruption had, as Shadox said it would, changed them.

Solar began to form a resistance and valiant Augmentors flocked to her cause. They called themselves the Light, a party to fight the encroaching darkness. They confronted Dark Rhule’s army and fought many ferocious battles. Yet, the shadow of evil was creeping over the Realm. Dark Rhule had recruited more Augmentors to his cause, promising them great power if they joined him. Everything was in the balance. The Realm was divided into Light and Shadow. Now, friends had become enemies, sister fought brother, and chaos reigned over Bello Realm.

From a distance, a figure stood silently and watched the world slowly unravel.