The Datasphere: The Datasphere is an ageless network filled with information. Its size is incalculable and its reach is unending. It has always existed: an invisible grid that contains the codes to all things. Bello Realm: Bello Realm lies like an unearthed gemstone in the depths of the Datasphere. Conceived from strands of remote data in a miraculous moment of fusion, the Realm is a digital world beyond the material domain of the universe. It is in its third age. The Regions of the Realm: The Realm is made up of ten extraordinarily diverse regions: great desert planes, fierce mountains, […]

The Augmentors are living pieces of amalgamated data. They came into existence when the intricate and complex codes of life began to merge with other, stray, pieces of information on Bello Realm. Only when clumps of random data have fully synthesized, will an Augmentor come into being. Once the integration process is complete, they emerge through a birth-portal, which appears as a vibrant shock of blue light. It is impossible to predict when or where an Augmentor will be born; they are the result of a chance interaction. The first Augmentors were born during the first age of the Realm. […]

During the second age of the Realm something happened, something that would come to change the fate of the entire Realm. Below the Great Tree in the Amber Wood, a birth-portal opened. It was a strange portal, unlike any that had preceded it. It opened slowly; the usual blue light was more intense and contained sharp streaks of purple. It was a blinding light that illuminated the whole of the Amber Wood; even those to the South, in the Serenity Lake and Bogmarsh, could see it. The portal remained open for five days and news of its peculiarity spread throughout […]

As the third age of Bello Realm set in, the Gods retreated from their duties of governance. Though rivalries between Augmentors had developed, they had maintained stable peace and fellowship for over a thousand years, upholding the pledge they had made all those centuries ago. It was now time to pass on the responsibility of leadership to a younger generation of Augmentors. The Gods held a council in order to decide who should take up the mantle of headship. It lasted an entire week and was an impassioned, emotive debate. Galaxia suggested that Solar should be the one to lead, […]

The First Council The time had come for Rhule and Solar’s first council as the joint stewards of Bello Realm. It was to take place, as all previous councils had done in ages gone by, in the Amber Woods. All regions of the Realm had provided representatives, all except for the Infernal Gorge. Though none of the regions had provided a proxy, its presence was still felt as an ominous black smog loomed over the Gorge. The woodland air felt heavy with anticipation as eager Augmentors gathered below the Great Tree, where there was a small green clearing. They waited […]