The Arrival

Sora, Matt and Shiro sat in Central Park, enjoying the soft grass and gentle sunshine. It was late in the afternoon and the hum of traffic could be heard in the distance. Their phones lay beside them, buzzing every now and then with messages from friends.

As the sun began to drop behind the Manhattan skyline, with an orange glow reflecting in the city’s steel and glass towers, a peculiar event occurred: at once, all of the mobile phones in the city began to vibrate. The three friends looked at each other, perplexed by what was happening. Each and every phone shook with a great force, as if they were about to explode and shatter into a million pieces.

‘Guys, what’s going on?’ asked Sora.

The park’s visitors stopped what they were doing and stared at their phones in disbelief, confused by the mysterious phenomenon. Then, each device’s screen turned an unnatural, bright shade of purple.

‘This is so strange,’ muttered Matt to no one in particular. ‘Is this a new software update?’

‘I don’t think so,’ replied Shiro. ‘It’s nothing I’ve heard of anyway.’

A deep, rumbling noise erupted all around them.

‘What was that?’ asked Matt, nervously. ‘Did you guys hear that?’

The noise broke out once more. It sounded like a low, manic laugh that echoed from within a never-ending cave. The friends looked around, but could not see where the noise had come from. They got to their feet and saw others speaking to each other, just as bewildered as they were.

Just then, an eerily silent darkness fell over the park and their phones suddenly stopped emanating their sickly purple shine. Strange thumping sounds started getting louder all around the park’s visitors, but the three friends could not see nothing out of the ordinary, and nothing to explain what was happening.

One by one, each of the friends raised their phones to take photos and videos of the chaos that surrounded them. Suddenly, a great figure was looming over them, seeming to have appeared through the screens of their phones. Though there was nothing visible in the real world, the virtual one held the abominable sight.

The trio screamed in terror.

Dark Rhule was in their world and incomprehensible to the naked, human eye.

With people shoving their phones into their pockets and fleeing in fear, Dark Rhule began to speak.

‘So, this is what you look like, you pitiful humans.’ His voice boomed through every device’s speaker, carrying a dark and sickly tone. ‘You look fragile and weak. I am not impressed.’

The friends stood frozen but held their devices up to the behemoth; Rhule continued to speak.

‘Humans, I am your new God! It is now time for the shadows to reign. Your systems of order and your ideas of control will exist no longer. Join me and my army of chaos if you wish or do not, and succumb to your rightful, deserved destruction.’

Dark Rhule’s attention turned to the three friends. He eyed them up and down, a wicked smirk appearing across his face.

‘You three, I will make an example of you first. You will find it an honor to be sacrificed by my power.’

They turned to run, but their bodies were full of fear and frozen to the very ground they stood on.

‘Turn off your phones,’ Matt screamed as he fumbled for the device’s off switch. ‘He might vanish if we do!’ They tried in desperation to kill their phones, to erase the image of the creature, but their efforts were futile.

Dark Rhule lifted his arms, ready to strike them down and issue his warning to those who would oppose him. The three held onto each other as they prepared for the end.

Another light appeared just as Dark Rhule’s arm came down; it left him momentarily blinded. The friends looked up and saw a new figure facing their attacker. It was Solar, and she had blocked his strike with all of her strength.

‘It cannot be,’ cried Dark Rhule.

‘It is, brother,’ Solar said sternly. She stood in front of the friends, shielding their bodies. Their phones now focused on her form.

Dark Rhule and Solar raised their arms and simultaneously released energy bolts that collided in a massive and thunderous crash. The great battle between Shadow and Light had made its way to Earth. While one side was corrupted by the humans and sought vengeance and power, the other looked upon them with compassion and aimed to protect their mortal souls.


The Choice

Destined one, you are now part of the battle. We offer you a choice: Will you join Dark Rhule and his Shadow army in their quest for power, or do you side with Solar, leader of the Light? Take control of any character and select their fate – where will their allegiances lie? This, you must decide on your own. But choose wisely, for once you start down a path or righteousness or damnation, there is no turning back. Now, go forward and fight for your world and all others!

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