Rhule Leaves the Realm

Rhule’s exploration party assembled on top of the highest mountain in Sky Point, ready to begin their quest. They peered out over the Realm and were once again reminded of its brilliant variety, its abundance of colours and its defined landscapes. This was their home and, as daring as they were, the intrepid explorers feared they might never lay eyes upon it again. It was a chance all in the expedition were willing to take.

Though she still believed Rhule should stay, Solar too had travelled to the leaving site. She could not bring herself to hold a grudge against her brother and this was not the time for sour words. Neither of them knew what was going to happen.

‘Good luck, brother. If anyone can succeed in this mission, it is you. You have the love of those that follow you. It is something all great leaders can claim, the love of their subjects. Yet, I worry for the Realm while you are away. I do not know if I alone can quell those of the Gorge if they turn against me.’

Rhule embraced his sister. He knew she possessed just as much strength as he did, if not more.

‘Solar, my sister, I would not leave if I did not think you capable of governing the Realm on your own. You are stronger than you know. The Augmentors respect your wisdom and patience, yes, but sometimes, decisive acts are needed. I know those of the Gorge fear your resolve and will soon fall in line. I know I will return to the Realm as I see it now. I salute you, Solar, chief steward of Bello Realm!’

Rhule’s words did much to ease Solar’s doubts. She knew what he said to be true; the Augmentors of the Gorge would only recognise strength. It did, however, still fill her with sorrow to see Rhule leave. They had never before been apart. She loved her brother and his extreme valour was something all of Bello Realm revered.

Rhule and his followers prepared to leave. They were to propel themselves upward until they reached the outer confines of the Realm. Each of them said their farewells. There were great cheers of adulation as the heroic party shot upwards. They climbed higher and higher until vanishing beyond the rim of the clear pale sky.