Prologue: The Third Age

As the third age of Bello Realm set in, the Gods retreated from their duties of governance. Though rivalries between Augmentors had developed, they had maintained stable peace and fellowship for over a thousand years, upholding the pledge they had made all those centuries ago. It was now time to pass on the responsibility of leadership to a younger generation of Augmentors.

The Gods held a council in order to decide who should take up the mantle of headship. It lasted an entire week and was an impassioned, emotive debate. Galaxia suggested that Solar should be the one to lead, on account of her honesty, sincerity and strength. In opposition, Whisp argued that Rhule should be given the honor because of his boldness, daring and bravery. Gobi listened patiently; he acknowledged that both Galaxia and Whisp had worthy and valid opinions.

The debate between Galaxia and Whisp raged on and looked as if it would never be resolved. Each held firm in their belief as to who should next govern over the Realm. Gobi, having measured both arguments, decided to offer the two a compromise. His manner was calm and dignified and he spoke with a degree of insight:

‘My friends, we have not ruled so successfully and for so long over the Realm because one of us is superior to the other. In fact, none of us, on our own, can claim to possess all the traits required of great leadership. We have only achieved so much because each of us possesses qualities that the two others do not. We ourselves are balanced, and it is because of this that the Realm also remains in balance.’

Galaxia and Whisp recognised the truth Gobi spoke of, and he continued.

‘This is why neither Solar nor Rhule can lead on their own. They can only lead together. We know how similar they are, but we also know how very different they are too, and it is this difference that will serve to keep the other in check. We have long wondered why it was that they were born as one, and perhaps this is the reason. Together, they can uphold the balance of the Realm, because they themselves are the balance’.

On finishing his speech, Gobi returned to the Bogmarsh and entered relative exile. Galaxia and Whisp agreed that both siblings, as Gobi said, should be given command over the Realm. The two of them then left the Amber Wood, and the third age of Bello Realm began under the new stewardship of Solar and Rhule.