Prologue: Places

The Datasphere:

The Datasphere is an ageless network filled with information. Its size is incalculable and its reach is unending. It has always existed: an invisible grid that contains the codes to all things.

Bello Realm:

Bello Realm lies like an unearthed gemstone in the depths of the Datasphere. Conceived from strands of remote data in a miraculous moment of fusion, the Realm is a digital world beyond the material domain of the universe. It is in its third age.

The Regions of the Realm

The Realm is made up of ten extraordinarily diverse regions: great desert planes, fierce mountains, deep tranquil lakes and treacherous jungles are just some of its territories. It is an eclectic mix of ecosystems and environments, a digital mirror of planet Earth.

Frost Fang:
This ice-island stands to the Northwest of the Realm. It is a harsh, unforgiving landscape; bitter winds swirl and the cold air bites. Its remoteness suits its inhabitants, who dwell in undisturbed isolation.

Sky Point Mountains: The rocky mountain territories tower over the North of the Realm. Ancient trails lead to the snow-capped summit, which is believed, by those who make the climb, to be somewhere great wisdom can be obtained.

Northern Planes: Lying to the East of the Amber Woods are the vast Northern Planes. It is a barren zone, where dust stretches out to the horizon. It can only be reached by crossing the Sapphire Sea and those who dwell there are said to have gone mad.

Amber Woods: This rich, dense wood is the oldest part of the Realm. The Great Tree, which proudly stands at the centre of the wood, is where the first Augmentors appeared. It is a place teeming with life and remains the setting for the Augmentors’ council. The leader of the Light, Solar, resides here.

Serenity Lake: The great lakes sit in the West of the Realm. They are a place of pilgrimage and their cool water is meant to be revitalizing. The lakes are mystical and some claim to have seen visions of the future in the reflections of its pools.

Jungle of Faces: The jungle is a mysterious expanse of thick forest. Faces of unborn Augmentors are known to appear and disappear in the dark undergrowth. The jungle is not to be entered without a guide, for once in it; it is impossible to find your way out.

Wetlands: Situated in the East of the Realm, below the Infernal Gorge, the Wetlands are an eerily quiet space. Only one Augmentor dwells there, Hydrastia, who like those on Frost Fang, favors a solitary existence.

Rhune: Fortress Rhune is home to Dark Rhule and his Shadowmentors. Though it was once a great castle, where the Augmentors lived together in peace, it is now full of dark magic and corrupted data.

Infernal Gorge: This molten pit is inhabited only by those capable of wielding fire. The Gorge is unrelenting, continually spitting fire and ash out into the sky. The Augmentors who dwell here are notoriously insular, and care not for the larger fortunes of the Realm.

Bog marsh: The marshlands are located in the East and are a demanding, unstable land. An old type of magic hangs in the air and the marsh houses great secrets about the Realm. It is home to the God Gobi, who strives to maintain balance.

Copper Towers: The Copper Towers is a steampunk town where magic is forbidden, built by a few magically-stunted Augmentors who believed that the practice of magic would be the undoing of the Bello Realm. It is a safe haven for those who fear their difference makes them a target.