Prologue: The birth of Solar and Rhule

During the second age of the Realm something happened, something that would come to change the fate of the entire Realm. Below the Great Tree in the Amber Wood, a birth-portal opened. It was a strange portal, unlike any that had preceded it. It opened slowly; the usual blue light was more intense and contained sharp streaks of purple. It was a blinding light that illuminated the whole of the Amber Wood; even those to the South, in the Serenity Lake and Bogmarsh, could see it. The portal remained open for five days and news of its peculiarity spread throughout the Realm. The Gods began to wonder if it was truly a portal at all. Many of the Augmentors flocked to watch it; its colour patterns were enticing and hypnotic.

On the fifth day, the portal’s shape began to bend and contort. The Augmentors who were close by recoiled. Deep booming sounds, like the cracks of thunder that surround the Infernal Gorge, emanated from its centre. The trees in the Amber Wood started to vibrate and dark wisps of cloud blotted over the sky. Those present knew something was about to happen.

The Gods watched on in a combination of awe and fear. The portal, in a rich swirl of blue and purple, ripped itself in two. The Gods did not know what was happening, in all their time, such a phenomenon had never before been witnessed. The two portals began to circle high in the sky, next to the branches of the Great Tree. Their pace quickened, spinning faster and faster. The Augmentors took refuge behind the trees, which were now shaking so violently, they looked as if they would be torn out of the ground. Then, in a sudden whoosh, the two portals plummeted to the ground. They let off a brilliant flash of indigo and there was a seismic thud, which made the ground shudder momentarily. A tense silence followed. The Augmentors gathered themselves from behind the trees, which were once again rigid.

The Augmentors were wonderstruck. At the base of the Great Tree, there stood two new Augmentors. Born from the same portal, they were each half of a single whole, the first siblings to be born on the Realm: Rhule and Solar. They did not look alike, but each of them recognised in the other a certain similarity. They had come from the same data; they were constructed out of the same code. The Gods held a council and discussed what this twin-birth could mean for the Realm.

Over time, it became clear that Rhule and Solar were not like other Augmentors. They possessed abilities that had not been seen before; they could influence all the elements of the Realm. Fire, water, earth and air could all bend to their will. Their powers surpassed even that of the Gods, who knew that they would be capable of both great and terrible things.