Prologue: Augmentor Origin

The Augmentors are living pieces of amalgamated data. They came into existence when the intricate and complex codes of life began to merge with other, stray, pieces of information on Bello Realm.

Only when clumps of random data have fully synthesized, will an Augmentor come into being. Once the integration process is complete, they emerge through a birth-portal, which appears as a vibrant shock of blue light. It is impossible to predict when or where an Augmentor will be born; they are the result of a chance interaction.

The first Augmentors were born during the first age of the Realm. The Realm was still in its infancy and many of its regions did not yet exist. Only the Amber Wood and the Frost Fang had properly materialized. These first creatures are the most revered of all the Augmentors. They are Galaxia, Wisp and Gobi – and they are known as the Gods.

For millennia, the Gods traveled throughout the Realm, gaining a great understanding of its nature. They explored new regions as they developed and keenly observed the birth of other Augmentors. Collectively, they decided to pass on what they had learned so that each new Augmentor could prosper. The three of them were very different, and faults in one were made up for by the merits in another. It was only together, as a triumvirate, that they possessed the ability to govern fairly and with compassion. Between them they made an unbreakable pledge: swearing to always maintain order, balance and harmony within Bello Realm.