Mutiny on the Realm

While Rhule and his companions searched the unknown, unrest grew within the Bello Realm. The Infernal Gorge was becoming more unstable and those who dwelled within it refused Solar’s call for calm and truce. Its inhabitants, Minitor, Blompta, and Azul had taken to plundering the Amber Woods and Jungle of Faces in order to fuel the deep fires that blazed in the heart of the Gorge. They had clashed with Ki already, and in the battle had burnt down a sacred part of the forest.

Ki was furious and blamed Solar for not retaliating. He claimed Rhule would have dealt with the threat immediately. Rumours were circulating that the fire-wielders were planning to stage a mutiny. They believed the ancient trees of the Amber Wood would enhance their power.

Solar was now faced with a decision: she could either attempt to negotiate or use a heavier approach. She thought of her brother’s advice and knew what had to be done. Though it pained her to use force against her fellow Augmentors, it was her only real option.

When the three fire-wielders approached the wood, Solar confronted them. Minitor scoffed:

-‘You are not as strong as your brother, Solar. You cannot defeat all of us.’

Solar remained silent, though her outward shows of strength were not as common as Rhule’s, she was not to be underestimated.

-‘Back down’, Blompta said.

Solar was steadfast and invited them to challenge her.

Minitor lunged forward and sent a wall of flame toward Solar. She countered it with a fierce gust of wind, which narrowly blew the fire back toward them. Together, the three conjured a huge flame, which they shot at Solar’s feet. Solar jumped backwards while narrowly avoiding it. Azul then stepped forward with a sword of white embers and blue flames and swung it violently toward the lone steward. She skillfully evaded while producing an immense barrier of water, which extinguished the sword. Solar sent the water high up above the three and brought it crashing down upon her three foes. It was enough to convince them that they were outmatched. They pleaded for mercy, and though Solar felt a great surge of power and rage running through her, she granted it. The fire-wielders returned to the Gorge, sorry for doubting Solar’s strength.

News of Solar’s victory spread throughout the regions. She had restored order to the Realm on her own, without the aid of her brother. She had earned Ki’s respect, and the mutiny had been quashed. Though it was a victory, it had left many visible and personal scars upon her.