Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Augmentors free to play?

Yes. There will be a free selection of starter Augmentors that you can use to summon characters into the real world, once you have downloaded the free app.

Do the creatures really arrive in the real world and do battle here?

Yes, you will see them do battle before your very own eyes in augmented reality 3D.

What is the goal of the game?

To have fun and become the best of the best – a Destined Creature Tamer with the strongest creatures in the world! You have the ultimate choice of joining the Evil Shadowmentors or joining the rebellion to take down Dark Rhule.

How do you become one of the DESTINED?

You become one the Destined Creature Tamers by battling to ensure your creature is the best. You can strengthen or customise your creature by levelling up and purchasing in-app relics and potions, using In-App purchases/Databits.

Can I buy my own characters?

Yes, you can purchase your own characters using the in-game currency – Databits.

How many characters are available?

Initially, there will be 50 characters that you can purchase and play with on launch. 25 are sold ONLY during the crowdfunding/ token sale. Five will be free to play and the remaining 20 will be sold in the App.

What are Databits?

Databits are the unique cryptocurrency used in the Augmentors game. These Databits are backed by the Bitcoin Blockchain, ensuring players that they will truly own these Databits. They are also tradable and sellable for any other cryptocurrency.

Will Databits give me an advantage in Augmentors?

Yes, the more Databits you have, the more characters you will be able to purchase and the more potions, skins and relics you’ll be able to buy to strengthen your characters.

How do I acquire Databits?

Anyone who contributes towards the crowd funding of Augmentors will receive Databits relative to the contribution they make. All you need is a compatible counterparty wallet to store the Databits. After the crowdfunding/token sale, the only way to obtain these Databits is by buying them through players who have acquired them during the sale.

As a game backer will I receive Databits at a lower price?

Yes, if you participate in the crowdfund/token sale, you will rewarded with the game’s currency at a discounted price that you can then use to purchase your own characters and game items.

Can I sell my Databits at a later stage?

Yes, you will be able to sell or trade your Databits for other cryptocurrencies or any other counterparty Asset.

How do I take part in the crowdfund and become an Augmentors’ backer?

To join the crowdfunding sale, fill in the form on the home page and you will get notified when the sale begins.

Can I trade my creatures and relics?

Yes, all assets in Augmentors are backed by the Bitcoin Blockchain, meaning that you will be able to trade all assets as easy as transferring Bitcoin. If you use the in-game trading system, the app will take care of the transfer on your behalf. Each transfer will result in standard Bitcoin miner fees.

Will I own my creature and my relics?

Yes your creatures and your relics will be yours and yours alone. Linked to your compatible Counterparty Wallet, you will truly own each asset you buy until you trade or sell those assets to another player/ collector.

Will the ratio 1BTC = 15 000DTB change

Like most ICO’s Augmentors has implemented a tiered system. The first day of the ICO will be the cheapest. It is 1:15000 DTB plus an extra 20%. After day one, the ratio will adjust has indicated above and on

Will the game definitely be made?

Like any project, we can never guarantee that a final game will be released; however, through our pre-sale ICO, we have already raised enough funds (45.2BTC) to complete the Alpha version of the game. Secondly, as discussed above, we have very well respected members of the Bitcoin community monitoring this project. They will ensure that no money is spent recklessly and will advise the project, giving it the best possible chance of succeeding.

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