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  The aim of this blog is to explain how the economics within Augmentors work; especially, how Databits are linked to Bitcoin and the in-app purchases of this game. This will be a very high-level and concise explanation to make it easy to understand and follow. In total, 100 000 000 DataBits have been created. [...]


Dear members of the Augmentors community Thank you for being such an active group of advocates for Augmentors and for the super helpful feedback you've sent to us through the ICO process so far. Earlier this week we sent out communication about the new ICO packages. We received more very helpful and positive feedback, including [...]


Dear Augmentors Supporters   Thank you for your interest in the initial coin offer (“ICO”) of the Augmentors Augmented Reality game. We wanted to update you on what’s been achieved so far and next steps.   The team behind the Spells of Genesis (“SOG”) game have been super helpful partners to us. We modelled our [...]


A small introduction into the world of Augmentors: In the beginning... ...There was Data. Data is a mysterious entity that has existed in our universe since the beginning of time. It is an invisible force that can’t be seen or heard. Its existence was unknown until we discovered the power of the electronic devices that [...]

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