Forged by the great powers of augmented reality and blockchain technologies, Augmentors puts you in control of fantastical creatures. Collect an army of powerful and rare creatures as you battle, train, buy and sell them. You, oh Heroic One, will become the greatest Augmentors player in the augmented reality world.

Every single creature in your legion is unique and is stored on the blockchain.


Rare creatures and relics

Truly own your creatures


Buy and sell creatures


Beyond our material world, an ancient group of living data fragments is at war. Bello Realm, once a place of peace, is now cast in shadow. Two heroes, brother and sister, stand against each other in the battle between light and dark, between freedom and corruption.

Before you join the fight, you must first learn of the Augmentors and the Realm: you must know what has happened. Only once you have acquired this knowledge can you be entrusted with the choice.